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HiringEye believes in transforming organizations with the right talent! At HiringEye, we aim to make recruitment easy for you. Our passion for placing the right talent with the right organization fuels us every single day. With a mix of human expertise and modern technology, we find the right talent at the right time. With our extensive database of skilled professionals across diverse industries and our recruitment specialists' keen eyes, we believe in delivering the right candidates for the right jobs at the right time.

HiringEye understands your talent needs and makes your recruitment experience seamless and hassle-free. With a growing clientele and a fast-paced service, we are among the most reputed emerging recruitment companies. We strive to use our recruitment expertise to find the perfect fit for every employer.


HiringEye has proven specialized knowledge in sourcing for Leadership roles with a customized skill set and product experience.

HiringEye possesses substantial experience in leadership hiring. We understand the minute nuances of headhunting for leadership roles and invest our best resources in approaching them for your requirement. Effective hiring for a leadership role requires dedicated research and a sophisticated approach, which form the very basis of HiringEye’s system.

HiringEye has a strong portfolio in sourcing and recruiting for growing start-ups and scaling companies. We handle complex requirements as well as niche requirements that are still new in the industry.

Why Choose HiringEye?

An Eye for the right talent

You can bank on us to find the right talent for your requirement. Our extensive database includes candidates with varied skillsets and diverse experience. A team of expert recruiters is put to task to find the best talent for you. Backed by professionals with years of experience in the recruitment industry, your requirements are in safe hands with HiringEye.

Success Based Fee

No hidden charges, no fluff. You don't need to invest a penny before you get the result! HiringEye has a transparent recruitment policy that protects the interests of both the parties involved. There is no fee involved until you get the desired talent right at your office! We agree with our clients on a success-based fee. For us, client relationships matter the most.

Dedicated Talent Specialist

With HiringEye, you get a dedicated talent specialist who will handle your company’s project. You don't need to coordinate with different people each time. There will be a single point of contact for all your needs. Regular feedback on your experience with our specialist is also arranged and looked into.

Thorough Screening

You don't need to utilize your resources for the primary screening and initial shortlisting of a candidate. We screen every candidate for all the necessary skills, such as good communication skills, desired experience level, project-based experience, among many others. When the candidate profile is forwarded to you, it will already be screened and shortlisted to suit the role and your organization.

Pan India Recruitment

Our services are not limited to a single city or state. We screen and shortlist candidates from PAN India locations. We can find the right talent from the city of your choice or source candidates willing to relocate to join you.

How it works

We follow the below process to meet your needs

01. Share your requirement with us

You can share a detailed requirement for every job vacancy that you have within your organization. This can be done very quickly via email or even a phone call. We can also share a Resource Requisition Form to fetch the required details. As soon as you share your requirement, we start looking for the perfect candidate.

02. We Broadcast your requirement

A talent specialist is designated for your project. Our recruiter uses your requirement details to create an attractive and precise job description. This requirement is broadcasted across social media channels, job portals, several candidate pools, and our database. Following this, the interested candidates get in touch with us directly.

03. Screening the applicants

We screen all the relevant candidates as per your requirement. The candidates' screening will be based on domain expertise, communication skills, experience level, skillset, and many other criteria as per your needs. Some of these candidates might be the best fit for your job, and their profiles will be shared with you for further interview rounds with a summary of their profile.

04. Interview the pre-screened candidates

Based on your interviews, you can assess whether any of the shared candidate profiles are a good match for your requirement. And that's all. Extend your offer for these candidates, and we will get them onboard for you. The communication and follow up will be done by us.

05. Pre-Joining and Post- Joining coordination

We stay in regular touch with the selected candidate till the joining date. This serves as the best measure against backouts, especially with candidates who have a long notice period. We also ensure proper feedback from the recruit, and the employer post joining as well.

Our Values

Our experience in recruitment enables us to provide high quality and timely services for companies of all size. We unlock the talent that you seek



For Hiringeye, our clients matter the most. Our approach is customer-centric, so much so that we take enough time and effort to understand your organization's policies and culture, in addition to your talent requirements.


Result – Oriented

Our approach is process-oriented and result-oriented at the same time. We provide timely follow-ups and progress reports of the work done concerning your talent requirements. HiringEye understands your talent needs' urgency and works round the clock to ensure timely closure.


Flexible Approach

HiringEye is flexible in its approach and works according to the client's needs. If you have three requirements and one is an immediate one, we focus on that one requirement before anything else.


Work as your partners

Don't have a dedicated HR department? Worry not. We work as efficiently as your in-house HR recruitment team. We represent your company and brand to the potential employees of your organization.


Trustworthy & Reliable

One of the best upcoming recruitment firms, HiringEye, respects your privacy and confidentiality concerns. We give utmost priority to your confidentiality and privacy policies while working with you as your hiring partners.

Timely Closures

We understand how vital resources are, and we make all efforts to recruit the best talent within the allocated time.

With affordable pricing and flexible packages, you don’t have to look elsewhere for cost-effective hiring services.

Following up with the selected candidate until their Date of Joining and any post joining formalities will be handled by HiringEye proactively.

Ranging from daily updates to weekly reports, we keep you updated with all our recruitment strategies for your requirements.

We do the primary screening for you, and only top matches that are in sync with your requirements are forwarded to you.

A dedicated recruitment expert is assigned to your project and remains your Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for all concerns.

We aim to make ‘effective’ closures for you, resources that serve you in the long run. This is why we focus on swift and proactive communication with all our clients as well as candidates.

Founder Background

Rajeev Reddy (Ex-Amazon) is the founder of HiringEye. He has extensive experience in recruitment processes that ranges over a decade. Rajeev has diverse experience in Leadership hiring, niche hiring, and product-based hiring. He has strong experience in setting up tech teams from scratch. He was an advisor to top management and hiring managers on market intelligence and recruitment cosmos and technological challenges. He has substantial experience working with Start-Up companies like Kony labs & Innominds, where he set up the development teams.

Tech hiring has been his forte. He has hired Leadership positions from Engineering Managers, Directors ,Vice Presidents, CTO’s etc . Rajeev has the keen eye and a unique talent required for effective headhunting. Backed by an in-depth experience of recruitment for big names like Amazon, Rajeev has the right vision and exceptional skill to provide optimized recruitment solutions for your business.

Rajeev Reddy is also the Founder of InterviewCabin

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